There are relatives who compare the time of diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease to the arrival of a devastating tsunami to their lives. It is not for less. Sometimes the elderly can no longer remember their family and the family can no longer care for them as they deserve in those cases elder care Tijuana is what they need the most.

Sometimes, the opinion is reached simply, because the symptoms clearly predict the disease in question; but other times they are so subtle that, often, the diagnosis is reached after a concatenation of tests and situations of uncertainty that predict that it may be diseases as different as stress, depression, etc. whose symptoms play clueless until we have the final judgment.

When the patient is in an initial phase of the disease, where he is aware of his symptoms, the first visit to the doctor is usually a difficult step to give of his own will. The usual tonic in these cases is to attribute forgetfulness or strange behavior to the nerves, to have gone through complicated situations or to suffer periods of high stress. The fact of doing it, of taking that first step and asking for medical help, is a challenge for the health professionals themselves, who will have to test their capacity to clarify what they are going to tell the patient in relation to the diagnosis that is coming.

And, although in recent years Alzheimer’s disease has taken an unprecedented media leap that has helped to normalize each day more -partially thanks to characters. Does it help Alzheimer’s patients to know what their diagnosis is? Should we tell him the full truth of the illness he suffers?

Undoubtedly, the patient has the right to be informed about everything related to his diagnosis. It is a fact and a legally regulated right. But there is the so-called “conspiracy of silence”, a situation that occurs between the doctor himself and family members of the Alzheimer’s patient. Among them, they establish an unwritten agreement in which they agree not to inform the patient of the diagnosis. In short, it is a premeditated concealment of information, in this case, about your health, with the objective goal of not providing pain, uncertainty and discomfort about a disease that has no cure.

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