Steps to follow:
If you want to get a modern look to look younger and look more attractive, there must be important changes in your usual outfits and outfits. Therefore, the first step to project a more youthful image is to update your wardrobe, or if you really want a total change of image you can get a facelift in Tijuana. It is not about getting rid of all your clothes and buying new ones, but also discarding those old clothes that do not favor you and have gone out of fashion to replace them with more current ones.

Check web pages and fashion catalogs to be up to date on what are the latest trends and get ideas for your next outfits. Now, the same clothes worn by young people can be found in your size or in a larger version in stores for older people. So you have no impediments to dress fashion and find clothes that make you look younger.

Bring out your daring side and go for new fabrics, colorful clothes, accessories and, above all, take care of the combinations in your clothes. In most cases, the problem is not so much in the clothes themselves, but in the way to combine and complement them, so do not hesitate to ask for advice from someone close and let yourself be advised by professionals when you go to buy clothes.

There are garments that stylize the figure and make a woman look younger, here you can discover some of the most common:

The jeans. A jeans can not miss in your closet if you want to have a young and fresh look, choose a model that stylizes your legs and it feels good to your figure.
Skinny pants are the latest fashion, they are available in all colors and even blacks are ideal for a more elegant and sophisticated look.
Wear more dresses and skirts just above the knee to look younger. Discard the three-quarter length models that reach to the calf, they will make you look older.
The printed shirts are perfect to combine with skirts or plain pants and provide a more modern touch to your style.