Risks and most common consequences

The risks of cosmetic surgery are divided into two groups: aesthetic risks and health risks.

In the first case, the risk refers to the fact that the results are not as expected, and therefore do not satisfy the patient. The second group includes the consequences for health.

The causes can be very varied, from the use of materials or medicines that are not of good quality, to failures in the administration of the anesthesia, either because of the amounts or because of not having correctly checked the tolerance of the patient. There are also human failures of professionals who, many times, are surgeons but have not done the specialty in plastic surgery, and there are even cases of doctors who are not even doctors.
It should be noted that all surgery may have failures.

Breast implant
This is one of the aesthetic surgeries with greater demand, it is also one of the most risky. Episodes of great pain, deformity or infections can occur that can cause the prosthesis to be encapsulated and a new intervention is necessary to remove it. On the other hand, if the prosthesis is not of good quality it can break, deflate or lose filling, all this will cause a reduction in size, but also inflammation and a lot of pain.


The aesthetic surgery of bad nose can have disastrous consequences, generating defects of very difficult treatment. The most common defects are: excessive shrinking, pinching at the tip and retraction of the nostrils. Beyond the unpleasant aspect that can remain to the nose, the most serious problem is that it can be functional failures like difficulties to breathe.

Surgery to remove stretch marks
In this case the area of ??the belly and hips is worked, where the stretch marks appear the most. In that area once the skin suffered infection, inflammation, or ulcers, it is very difficult to return to normal, and the traces of bad surgery and stretch marks can be eliminated.

Psychological disorders
The first thing is to perform a psychological test to the patient before practicing cosmetic surgery. It is very important emotional strength of the patient, that it is a stable person from the emotional point of view.

A person who is depressed, either by their appearance or for any other reason, may be looking for solutions in a cosmetic surgery that are not really there, therefore the results may be counterproductive. Cosmetic surgery fails to recover couples, or better jobs, or more friends.
Finally some patients become addicted to surgery, they are never satisfied. Some surgeons do not care about this point and they operate people as often as they want, in fact after a certain number of surgeries, through which it can be presumed that the person is having an obsessive behavior, the surgeon should refuse to operate and suggest to the patient a psychological consultation.

How to avoid risks
First of all it is important to be clear that every operation has risks and that the best way to avoid failures is to do things calmly and step by step.
The surgeon must know the organic characteristics of the patient, if he has allergies, diabetes, tolerance to anesthesia, etc. It is recommended to carry out all the necessary previous examinations, since it can happen that the patient has some pathology, that because it is not serious, has not yet noticed, but that can generate serious consequences in operative processes.

It is advisable to consult one professional like Beauty Enhance Tijuana Mexico, to have opinions and visions. Also be sure that both the professional and the clinic are properly authorized by the corresponding state health authorities. And strictly follow the instructions of the surgeons.