The vegan trend takes center stage in today’s society and will increase. The population is aware that reducing the consumption of products of animal origin, among other behaviors that adjust to a more sustainable environment, is really an act with a lot of impact on the environment. If you want to continue supporting this new lifestyle you can do it by paying more attention to your health blog with seo agency.

The consumption of animals, to pass a vegetarian or vegan diet, are related behaviors but, in terms of nutritional advice, they differ a lot. What is a vegan diet? Which are the requirements? they are contributed by products of animal origin, supplementation and combination of foods among others. In athletes, we must also take into account the sources of nutrients.

This is something that can not be assured, since it is a person who is an athlete being an athlete. What I do recommend is a nutritionist specializing in sports nutrition and experienced in the vegetarian diet, to learn how to carry out a menu that covers the needs and maintenance of health and sports performance, as well as assess the supplements that are necessary.


A vegan athlete will have as base to feed fresh and seasonal foods, to carry out a vegan diet in the athlete does not consist of eating rice and pasta only, as he has found me so many times. The vegetables and fruits of the season are fundamental, because, like all athletes in comparison with the sedentary population, they have the requirements of increased vitamins and minerals, and a multivitamin is not necessary. meals

In the case of athletes who are in a period of corporal recomposition, the efforts to lose the fat for example, I will prioritize vegetables and vegetables, and in those in which the objective is to increase the weight and improve the performance, as well as in the patients that they are quickly satisfied and we look at the calories for their goal, the prioritized fruits (among other foods that I will talk about later), because, although they are also satiating, they contribute more calories and carbohydrates than the previous group. If the problem is to reach the level of satiety quickly, I recommend combining fresh and dried fruit, they are ideal for the athlete.

Neither is it the main source of carbohydrates recommended by pasta, nor bread and other flours. They can be included and written in the individual, more or less proportion, or even prescindo of them.

As we have said, fruit is an excellent option when we need to include other sources of sugars.

We can include rice, oats, quinoa and other seeds and nuts that also provide healthy proteins and fats, as well as an infinity of vitamins and minerals. Legumes and nuts, will be a good source of carbohydrates, in addition to the main sources of protein in the vegan diet. This is one of the reasons why I prefer to dispense with other less interesting cereals in order to add more dietary options with legumes, seeds and nuts. Even use legume flours (legume pasta (pea, lentils) in the place of normal wheat pasta).


For many here lies the problem of a vegan diet in athletes, and when we think about this macronutrient, we have more present animal sources. Legumes and nuts are good sources of vegetable protein. They can be consumed in stew, salads, preparations such as hummus or creams such as cashew and peanut butter, very dense in calories and nutrients. Like cream versions of nuts, it can also be made at home by simply grinding the dried fruit in a food processor. Mushrooms and mushrooms are foods to consider for their nutritional quality, and the yeast of the beer, one of the soup spoons can contribute to any of their dishes about 12-15 g of protein.

We recommend that you distribute the amount of the protein in the different meals, we have evidence that including the protein in this way is more useful for its use than a large amount in one.